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When will my milk come in?

In the initial days after birth, mothers produce the earliest breast milk called colostrum. It is thick and sticky and is usually in yellow, clear and white color. It is nutrient dense and has disease fighting antibodies. Though consumed in very small amounts, it has everything the baby needs in the initial days. The more mature milk which is thin and whiter usually comes in after 3 days for most mothers. The breasts start feeling heavy and full and you might notice milk leaking from the breasts.

Some factors that might delay the onset of lactation are

  1. Delivery by C-Section

  2. Pain medication during labor

  3. Retained Placenta

  4. First time mothers

  5. Obesity

  6. Maternal Health

Mothers who breastfeed or express milk early and often, if unable to breastfeed for any reason, have higher milk production on days 3-4. Skin-to-Skin contact with the baby helps with milk production.

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