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How to increase breast milk naturally at home

The single most important thing for new parents to understand is that milk production works on the principle of Supply and Demand. The more milk gets removed from the breast, the more milk gets produced.

Tips to improve your milk supply

Feed On-Demand

Feed the baby frequently and nurse on demand rather than on schedule.

Do not introduce bottles to the baby the first 6 weeks

Using bottles before the baby masters the art of breastfeeding could lead to bottle preference. Use a feeding cup or feed from a spoon when in need, instead of a bottle.

Offer both breasts at every feed

Offer the baby both breasts at every feed, but don't worry if the baby is content after drinking from just one breast and doesn't want to feed from the second breast.

Let the baby end the feed by herself

Don't set time limits for the amount of time the baby nurses from each breast instead let the baby decide how long she wants to nurse at each breast.

Nurse the baby between 8-12 times a day

Since newborns are very sleepy, it’s important to wake them up and feed them every 2-3 hours.

Don't supplement unless truly necessary

If your baby is gaining weight as per the standards and producing enough atleast 6 wet diapers per day, you are making enough milk and there is no need to top-up or supplement. Supplementing will infact cause a low milk supply because it interferes with your breast milk production.

Do not use pacifiers

Pacifiers interferes with an infant's nursing patterns. While nipple shields are useful, prolonged usage interferes with demand and supply cycle.

Eating galactagogues

Foods such as oats, dark green leafy vegetables, and fenugreek improves milk production. The mother should overall eat a healthy, balanced diet.

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