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How to breastfeed: Correct Latch

Whatever breastfeeding position - cradle hold, football hold, cross cradle hold, sidle lying you choose,

Follow the below steps for the perfect latch

  1. Support your baby's neck, shoulders, and hips with your hands and make sure they are all aligned.

  2. Bring the baby to the breast, not your breast to the baby and hold her skin-to-skin.

  3. Get good back support, relax your shoulders. Do not lean forward.

  4. Use a good nursing pillow which offers great back support.

  5. Tickle the baby lips with your nipple so she opens her mouth.

  6. Wait till the baby opens the mouth wide enough and then immediately bring the baby to the breast.

  7. Baby’s nose should be directly across your nipple.

  8. Ensure the baby takes a good portion of the areola which is the darker area around the nipple and not just the nipple.

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