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Frequency of Breastfeeding

This information is for mothers with babies born at full term or close to full term and addresses the normal course of breastfeeding.

Right after the birth, place the baby skin to skin and initiate breastfeeding within the first hour, if possible.

It is important to feed the baby between 8 - 12 times, day and night to establish your milk supply, help your baby grow and prevent or treat jaundice. The first few days, your body produces the earliest form of breastmilk called colostrum. It is very important for moms to frequently breastfeed to stimulate milk production. The more mature milk which is thin and whiter usually comes in after 3 days for most mothers.

Nurse the baby when the baby shows signs of hunger. Everything in the range of 4 times a day -13 times a day is normal since every mother and every baby is different.

Exclusively breastfed babies nurse for about 8 times a day on average, in the first six months.

There are going to be days when the baby feeds more than the average, these days are also called growth spurts. Other days when the baby is not feeling well, the baby tends to nurse less.

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