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Breastfeeding Positions

There are different breastfeeding positions.

  • Cradle Hold

  • Cross Cradle Hold

  • Football Hold

  • Side Lying position

Irrespective of the position, the basic rules are the same for any position.

  1. Make sure to breastfeed in a comfortable position and relax your shoulders and sit upright. Leaning forward causes backaches.

  2. In the initial days,it helps to use pillows on your lap for extra support and also brings the baby upto your nipple level so you don’t have to lean forward and helps in resting your elbows.

  3. Use a breastfeeding pillow if possible as it provides better back and arm support.

  4. Hold the baby close to you making sure the front of his body touches the front of your body.

Cradle Hold:

Support the baby with the arm on the same side as the nursing breast. Your baby’s head will be on your forearm and his back will be along your inner arm and palm. Make sure the baby’s latches deeply to your breast and gets a good portion of the areola.

Cross Cradle Hold:

Hold your baby in the crook of the arm opposite the breast you're feeding from. Baby’s neck should rest in the area between the thumb, index finger and palm of your hand. Use the other hand to support the breast.

Football or Clutch Hold:

Support your baby’s head in your hand and rest her back on your forearm beside you. With your other hand, support your breast with a C shaped hold. This position is suitable for mother’s with C-section deliveries as the baby is away from incision.

Side Lying Hold:

The mother lies on her side and faces the baby and supports the baby with one arm and the other arm to bring the nipple close to the baby's mouth. Use a pillow or a rolled blanket behind the baby’s back to keep her from rolling away from you. This position works well with mother’s who had C-section deliveries and helps in getting rest by lying down while nursing .

Use a position that works the best for you and your baby.

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