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Increase your Milk Supply. 
Join Our 30 day Challenge  today!

Get the Personalized GuidanceEducation and Support You Need for a Hassle-Free Nursing Journey




Get FREE 1 WEEK of breastfeeding support

from our lactation experts !

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Who is this Program for?

You have a low milk supply

You want to move away from formula to breastmilk

Your breastfed baby is not gaining enough weight

Your baby is crying as he is not getting enough milk

Your pumping output is low

Your baby has insufficient  wet or dirty diapers

Your baby's feeding times are either too short or very long.

How does the Program Work?


Breastfeeding Course by one of India's Top Lactation Consultants

Begin your journey with a breastfeeding course by Dr. Mugdha Joshi, IBCLC to learn how to overcome breastfeeding challenges and successfully breastfeed your baby.


1 week Unlimited Text Support

Get unlimited text support for 1 week in our private support group. Get answers to your questions within 24 hours by certified lactation experts. Connect with others moms going through the same phase as you.


Custom Plan To Increase your Milk Supply by a Certified Lactation Expert

Based on your baby's current feeding pattern and history, our lactation expert creates a custom plan with exact steps to follow daily during the 30 day challenge to increase your milk supply. 


30 day Milk Supply Challenge Group

Share your daily updates in our 30-Day Increase Milk Supply Challenge group, and we'll provide personalized tips, as we track your journey, to help you succeed.

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Meet the instructor

Dr. Mugdha Joshi 

International Board Certified Lactation Consultant 

10+ years of experience helping over 10,000 moms

Nursing Newborn

Take back control of your breastfeeding journey today!

With the evidence based education, personalized guidance and support from NariCare's 30 day Increase your milk supply program, YOU WILL

Increase your breast milk volume, naturally and gradually.

Learn how to express breast milk through handexpression and pumping and safely store it.

Discover how to avoid and overcome common breastfeeding challenges like engorgement, clogged ducts, mastitis.

Confidently Breastfeed like a pro and be in charge of your breastfeeding journey.

Correct Your Breastfeeding Posture and feed in breastfeeding positions comfortable for you and your baby.

Maintain your breast milk supply so you can give your baby the best nutrition for as long as you want.

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