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Breastfeed Confidently and Pain-Free for as Long as You Want

Get the Education, Support, and Personalized Guidance You Need for a Hassle-Free Nursing Journey




Get FREE 1 WEEK of breastfeeding support from our experts !

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Who is this Program for?

You're a new mom struggling to breastfeed

You have sore, cracked nipples

Your baby is not gaining enough weight

Your baby is not latching on properly

You want to move from formula to breastmilk

You want to increase your breast milk supply

What will you learn?

Breastfeeding Basics

  • What exactly happens when breastfeeding?

  • Why Breastfeed?

  • Species Specificity

  • Global recommendations for breastfeeding

  • Infant Feeding Choices

Breastfeeding in the First Weeks

  • Growth Spurts & other Breastfeeding norms that no one tells us

  • Common Breastfeeding Problems​​

Expressing and Storing Breastmilk

  • Hand Expression and Storage

  • Differences between formula and breastmilk

Breastfeeding in the First Days

  • Baby's Hunger Cues

  • Day 1 post delivery

  • Breast Crawl

  • Breastfeeding Posture

  • Breastfeeding Positions

  • Breastfeeding Twins

  • Newborn Stomach sizes

  • Foremilk and Hindmilk

  • How do I know if baby is getting enough milk?

Breastfeeding Tips and Techniques

  • Sore Nipples, Engorgement & other common breastfeeding issues

  • How to move away from formula to breastmilk

  • Foods that boost milk supply

  • Common Breastfeeding Myths

Breastfeeding in Public

  • Is Breastfeeding in Public indecent?

  • Normalize Breastfeeding in Public

What NariCare Moms have to say about us



"I took NariCare’s breastfeeding program. The session was very informative and helpful, Dr. Mugdha answered all the queries with lot of patience, The team is very passionate about what they do.Before this, I attended a breastfeeding session during pregnancy with another group where after the session the queries were answered only once but with NariCare, they created a support group and are still addressing all the queries new moms have and also the follow up on the breastfeeding journey is excellent.Gayathri from NariCare spoke like a friend, mentor and encouraged to be on exclusive breastfeeding.Thank you Nari Care for doing what u do. Hugs🤗😘"

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Meet the instructor

Dr. Mugdha Joshi 

International Board Certified Lactation Consultant 

10+ years of experience helping over 10,000 moms

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