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On a mission to make
patient-centric, holistic care available for all women.

Hello there, my name is Gayathri and I am the founder of NariCare. NariCare is born out of my own experience with lack of access to patient centric care and widespread misinformation when i gave birth to my baby girl in October 2020. I struggled with breastfeeding and was surrounded by myths and misinformation.  One empathetic doctor changed this all for me and my baby. She patiently listened to all my concerns, educated me, reassured that what i was feeling was normal as a new mom and added me to support community of other new moms. Here i am , still successfully breastfeeding my 3.7 year toddler.

Two months after the birth of my baby, I questioned myself, why is there no widespread awareness on something as important as breastfeeding which is perhaps the only gift that you could give to your child which no other person can, a strong foundation to a healthier life ahead . I saw that many women around believed those myths and resorted to formula even though they wanted to breastfeed, due to the lack of right support at the right time.

I wanted to change that. I felt no other woman should ever make a choice for her or her family's health because she was not educated, given proper care and support at the time she needs it the most.

I started off helping my friends and new moms I came across advocating breastfeeding and clearing myths and misinformation that I knew. I understood it is a bigger problem and started  thinking about how to solve this issue and spread awareness about breastfeeding. In this process, I realized misinformation, myths, stigma are attached to every major aspect of womanhood like menstruation, fertility, pregnancy and menopause. Through NariCare, I want to be a part of the solution to this problem and make a positive impact in the lives of many women and their family's health.

Image by engin akyurt
Image by engin akyurt


To help women be their healthiest and happiest at every stage of their life by providing empathetic, holistic care and support.

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To be the leading fem-tech platform which addresses different areas of womanhood  including Menstruation, Maternity, Postpartum and Menopause and support women at every age and stage of their life.

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